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Monday, August 29

Pinstorm storms the RedHerring

The ever smiling Mahesh Murthy is laughing out loud now. His company PinStorm has been listed as one among the top 100 companies in the recent RedHerring article. I am a secret admirer of Mahesh & his team for long time.His penchant for perfection and spotting the next "BIG" opportunity always gives me tremors. PinStorm for uninitiated is a search engine marketing firm. It always makes me feel good, when Indian companies are ranked globally positive, which reinforces that we are somehow an "intelligent species" in this planet. Now on the other hand, I need to push things hard at 360 Degrees to match the likes of PinStorm. With their proprietary technology, they claim they provide better search engine results for targetted campaigns for organisations. Congrats Mahesh

Thursday, August 25

Browser is my new Desktop

I dreamt before. I fear lately. I am excited now. I have been saying for sometime that the desktop is dead. With the recent launches from couple of big players (Yahoo's Widget Gallery, Googles Desktop v2, Google Talk, Google Earth )validates my assumption. We are somewhere closer to the dream of having a full-fledged WebOS now. With the introduction of Google Desktop, it does dual work. It works as a search application for your desktop and provides a sidebar, which is web-enabled to have multiple applications & functionalities.

Kottke said it. Sadagopan second it. I am blogging it here.

With a full featured WebOS, what I foresee is a complete change in the way softwares, applications are being developed. We need a brand new Architecture, Framework to think, ideate and create solutions for the Web 3.0. To make that happen, the Ecosystem should be conduceive enough for more developers to get into it. Applications like Google Desktop are only scratching the surface of the biggest revolution to happen post dot-com. The browsers will be the new Desktop screen for you to start your work. I have been thinking loudly what if Google comes out something like Google Office, a simplified Google like interface for applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint ? It will be then a breakthru for many offices, since all they need to do is to have internet connection and few other web apps like Basecamp, Blinksale, SalesForce to completely run the office automated without spending huge money on licenses.

Eventually, your PC will be reduced to a node. If processor companies like Intel, AMD can write processor level coding to deduct modems/internet connection and connect directly with a simplified browser & BIOS built in, then, we can clearly say goodbye to Microsoft. Already beyond the dominance of Microsoft, Linux, i can see a lot of open source full-featured frameworks being built like RubyonRails or Python and others.

The future is web. But the way the web works will be groundbreakingly different from the way we use it today.

A List Apart - rebirth

If you are a web developer, standard manic, AListApart(ALA) is the bible, where designers, standard purists, CSS gurus contribute and push the limit of Web. With the recent proliferation of web apps like BaseCamp, Blinksale and so on, ALA has been restructed with great design, great system and with great servers. The down memory lane of ALA is well written by the legendary Jeffrey Zeldman in his article. Check the All New ALA Now

Wednesday, August 24

DOM Scripting - The Book

In the post AJAX-CSS-Web 2.0 world, DOM Scripting is essential. The loveable rascal at Adactio, Jeremy Smith has written a book on DOM Scripting. The TOC looks cool and what's more Dave Shea of CSS ZEN GARDEN has written the Foreward. Watchout for this book, I certainly see this will storm the web design circle. Chk the Book Website

Tuesday, August 23

Google Desktop 2

Google has launched their "Google Desktop beta 2". This version of the desktop bar is a long jump from the earlier version and provides a side bar functionality to the user. What's more this comes with more integrated RSS Reader, Stock Watch, Scrtach Pad, customizable file search, News and so on. Truly, if all performs well, this will rule the user's desktop for sometime. Download Beta 2 here

Thursday, August 4

Contextual Ads + Yahoo!

Going with the success of Google's AdSense, Yahoo! is secretly testing a contextual ad. program from them. With the acquisition of Overture, Yahoo! already has established as a No.2 Player in PPC/Search marketing behind Google. Unlike Google, Yahoo! has better channels, thru which the ads can be distributed to reach the target audience. With their recent innovations of Yahoo! 360 & acquistion of Konfabulator, Yahoo! is eyeing to take the majority of the desktop users. Google's startegy to provide Desktop Search, Desk bar are all aiming at the same desktop user. We gotta wait and watch how this move from Yahoo! will hit Google. With Microsoft's Vista emphasising more on faster desktop search & finding information the battle now moved from Internet to user's desktop.

Monday, August 1

Ten for 10

What are all the future technologies which will rule our life? Which are all the emerging trends in technology for next decade? How things will be 10 years later from today? Is citizen journalism or blogosphere will enrich, people access media? Answering all the questions in his blog, Steve Rubel lists out the perusation technologies of the next decade.

Micro Persuasion: 10 for 10