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Tuesday, December 23

finally a tom-tom and beating our own trumpet in our own backyards, by our governement. As My Friend, Badri, mentions, probably, we can spend this money for making few more clearance of FDI and FII proposals. Still it is worth a

The other interesting stuff is a full discussion of Prof.Leslie Young about the economic development which India & China grows in today.Economic Development

Thursday, December 18

Google Print

Is there a stopping for google for its services ? Going by the recent facts i dont think they have one. By introducing a slew of features, google, and its mission is very clear for the public. To be the No.1 company for internet search for ever.

The recent beta test service from google is its "Google Print". In google's words,

"Google's mission is to provide access to all the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible. It turns out that not all the world's information is already on the Internet, so Google has been experimenting with a number of publishers to test their content online. During this trial, publishers' content is hosted by Google and is ranked in our search results according to the same technology we use to evaluate websites. "

Take a lookAbout Google Print (BETA)

Tuesday, December 16

Grand Master of Flash is back!!

I have written months before in this blog, about the disapperance of one of the most prominent flash designer, Yugo Nakamura. No. He is not dead. he is back, with a powerful & more lovable site.chk his new work at intentionallies

Flash & Broadcast - Why Flash has become a lovable kid for 2D animation

This article on Animation magazine, touches upon the unknown area in flash, with which flash was referred in the yester years.... ANIMATION. With MX and MX 2004, the attention has shifted in providing more rich internet application and server side own rich media presentations. But there are good souls in the planet, who still continue to push envelope on flash not on actionscript but purely on creativity and design. Have a look at this 7 part article. Flash Animation : More than a flash in the pan

Friday, December 12

First eNovel in Indian Languages

It's been a proud moment, when i recieve a mail from Murali, one among the first buyer of the first eNovel in Tamil saying that it is one of the best work. Thank Murali, for non-starters, this is the first time, a novel is being distributed fully online as a eNovel, which again is a proud moment, since it is in Tamil, which is mother tongue. Of all the indian languages Tamil is the first language to have more websites and a lot of firsts to its credit for various digital innovations. I hope i am putting one more feather to her cap.

To get your copy have a look at Zero Degree eNovel

Wednesday, December 10

5 Things which is going to Shock the World

This is an interesting read about 5 tech innovators, who is working on near impossible stuff. Going by the facts, if their research goes and succeeds, there is a new way of looking at things out there. Some of them are very much exciting... Have a read...
1. Jerry Hallmark >> Portable fuel cells
2. Alan Broad >> Smart dust
3. Cynthia Kenyon >> Longevity
4. Chad Dyner >> Interactive floating display
5. Bill Bass >> Online customization

As an interactive guy, i m very much with Chad Dyner's work and Bill Bass's vision. One sentence which really turned me on is the word from Chad Dyner
"I like the idea that an image can now be anywhere--it doesn't have to be confined in a box or stuck on a screen"

Feeling like working inside Minority Report ....wait..sometime in the near future, it will be true.
Fast Company 5 Tech Innovators

Tuesday, December 9

Will SPAM kills online Marketing?

With a recent discussion about SPAM mails and blocking by ISPs will lead to a slump in online spending. going by the discusion at imediaconnection it is not so. The ability to provide real time statistics and information for the marketers and no more depending upon 3 party agencies for the stats to come, online direct marketing is still a better way of spending money to gain a mindshare. This article supports the spend on online direct marketing work for the sheer amount of transperancy and clarity involved with that.Read the article

To me, looking at the point of view from the indian connection, Web is a well suited medium for the brands for young. Do you know that, in a recent survey by Patricia Seybold & Martin Lindstorm in their book BrandChild, came out with some startling facts. OK. The book talks about "Tweenagers" an age group [ 9 -14] slowly becoming a major deciding factor in purchase decision. Get the last issue of Strategic Marketing for a detailed analysis. It rocks i should say.

Saturday, December 6

Back with Google s New Algorithm

I am sorry...u know, was busy on 2-3 assignment and went to bed by 3 AM and to resume the work by 6.30 AM again. It is daunting but also challenging, to work for some of the biggest companies in the world. I am back...reading all my 3127 unread mails and looking at 31 message boards for last 2 weeks about what had happened.

I resume this with a note of cracking the Google's new algorithm. This not necessarily cracking their software code, but the way it functions as they tweaked or rather bettered their earlier algorithm. Take a shot.Cracking Google s New Algorithm