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Thursday, February 26

What People are viewing?

In an interesting research, ComScore lists the top 50 sites being surfed by people with a comparison to 1996 & 2004. It throws a lot of facts, that demystifies the way internet is being looked today. On a rough guess, 7 out of my 10 assumptions went wrong, that clearly indicates the change has happened with in this year. Read the report hereThe Score

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogle. no no, it is not a keyboard error, but just trying to explain google the way google wanted to be, a zillion zeros after 1. Wired magazine has an interesting article of how google has replaced your big boss's office secretary and now used as a verb in communication. have a look Googlemania

Wednesday, February 18

Vodafone & Mobile future

This one is not just smartly done in terms of using Flash, video & animations but more of providing the roadmap for the future. have a look at this site.Vodafone

Tuesday, February 17


Offlate, i am seeing quite no. of good eZines on designs, newmedia and flash. Was not there when there was a recession and now things are again started to move southwards. This magazine is from Transit Studios from Illinios. Nice work for the first issue..
demise magazine - issue one

Sunday, February 15

Microcontent Client

In a true Indian spirit, and of course of personal attitudal problems, this blog is getting frequented less frequently. The idea is to write not all i read or write, but to present a true, honest and passionate things around me, that inspires, introduces and informs me. I havent' read much in the last 2 months and also, nothing ground breaking has happened until i read this post on Anil's page referred via adaptivepath via Shaun via CSS Vault

Anil talks about a new emerging medium of communication along with the traditional way of looking at information which we access via web. Though this is in the ideation stage of development, unlike other stuff which is available, this is one strong idea, which can be a potential social changer in the days to come. magazine: Introducing the Microcontent Client - Worth a read

Thursday, February 12

Will macromedia take over the PDF Dome?

I know it is ubiquitious as a file format worldwide for digital content distribution. I am talking about .pdf and acrobat reader from Adobe. Sometime back MM bundled a small program with their Contribute 2 Edtion called flash paper. Although, the popularity & usage of this program is handful, [tht' wht i thought initially], some of the fellows are serious in using this stuff.

Going thru the flex's blog I read a post on how people are slowly can adopt to this. Read this testing report...

Excerpts from the report:

Our first impression is that this is an interesting program, adding document support to the popular Flash program, and well worth watching.


* FlashPaper works with any printable document so Web site visitors can display them using the Flash viewer without having to own the original program.,
* FlashPaper documents open instantly within Web pages, providing a seamless way to display documents as an intrinsic part of a Web page.
* The initial display is very fast, with little program or document load time.
* A minimal user interface avoids screen clutter, while putting zoom, page and print controls in easy reach

and well he lists drawbacks also. have a look at his page.

Friday, February 6

Ten Technologies That Refuse To Die

CHeck this MIT review on never say die attitude of tech.Ten Technologies That Refuse To Die