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Friday, May 19

When MS will learn?

The reason, although i have differences of opinion with Apple on so many things, the one thing stood out for Apple, is their care for customers. The usability & GUI design is what makes Apple raises above the rest. My hotmail account now is Windows Live Mail. I really dont know which genius has designed the user interface for Win. Live mail. The hover on the link gives a white background and the text is on white. Even the guy who starts learning Web design tomorrow knows about the usefulness of contrast & colors. For Microsoft, i believe, they will spend some million dollars in this user interface testing and finally lands up on this. Thumbs down MS.

Saturday, May 13

Shantanu Oak - FOSS / SMS application

Shantanu Oak has in detail explained about using yubsub to create SMS applications compare to traditional costly SMS applications with 4 digit shortcodes and other information. It's an interesting experiment to work with and being in the FOSS model, i believe this has some serious implications on traditional pricy applications. Seems interesting and great! but again, with all the free software application, this also has a some serious implications in terms of trustability.

Barcamp Mumbai - First preview

Landed in the IIT Powai the place which hosts barcampmumbai. The place is seriously cool and works perfect for such a conference, so relentlessly. My presentation is kept at around 12.00 AM, let's see it was supposed to start at 9.00 with the welcome address and i can only see a handful of people over here and the wi-fi is not configuring yet. What's fun without all these glitches in running a barcamp

People are laughing and i think i am heading for some beautiful presentation. It's 10 AM now and we are still figuring out the way things are in terms of Wi-fi. It's good to see some young faces & people speak out Web 1.0 & pulling the legs of the the sponsors, good finally we landed to the Web 2.0 regime inside with a cut chai :)

Good to see there are more woman participants in mumbai. I have seen one hand full of participants in chennai & i am unsure about what happened in bangalore & hydrabad. I hope this will be one more rockin geekdom.

Friday, May 5

Future of Internet

While Om Malik, screams about saving internet, the internet pioneers are talking about the future of the internet. Web pioneer Vint Cerf and tech pundit Esther Dyson to discuss what they expect in the next 10 years. Mr. Cerf envisions an interplanetary network, while Ms. Dyson ponders a loss of privacy and an information glut. From WSJ article excerpts

By the end of the decade, we will have a two planet Internet in operation as the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is prepared to serve as a store-and-forward relay to ground-based rovers, a mobile science laboratory and other future missions to Mars. The Interplanetary Internet, serving robotic and manned missions, will grow from this simple configuration to a more complex backbone of interplanetary links as each new mission is launched to the planets and satellites of our solar system. Virtual visits to our near-space neighborhood will be as common as a trip to the local supermarket as we amass enormous amounts of information about the region of space in which we live. Kids will have virtual field trips to visit the Spirit and Opportunity sites on Mars and other places from which we have gathered so much information already and will gather in the next decade.